Monday, August 17, 2009

Let the Games Begin... (update)

Ok, this is a different kind of post!

T & I have been pretty tired in the evenings lately. So much so that we have a tendency to just grab a book and stare at it for a while. The phrase "too tired to sleep" was one we didn't use to believe could be true. But, there have actually been times where we won't go to bed, even though we've read the same page fifteen times - and we know we need the sleep.

In any event, we're trying to get ourselves back into playing games in the evening. It's a good way to move our minds away from the cares of the farm. It is also a symbolic way to proclaim to ourselves that the work day is done. We have put birds and tools away. Buildings are 'locked down.' The boots or shoes can finally come off.

We came up with the idea that we would run a tournament of a sort by accumulating points over a number of different games. Since we both like Ticket to Ride, we'll do several different runs of that game. If we're feeling ambitious, we may add a few other games once we decide how to award points.

Thus far, the scores are as follows:

Lost Cities
T 198 R 160
Ticket To Ride US Mega
T 145 R 193

So, out of the gate it is a close 343 to 353.

Next up - Ticket to Ride Nordic and Cribbage

T 188 R 170

T takes the lead 531 to 523

Next - cribbage, then some form of TTR

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