Monday, August 31, 2009


It happens every year on the farm.

January: Ask R to tell you about numbers regarding production on the farm. Ask him about varieties and how well they did. Make him think. He can do it! Ask R to walk quickly from one end of the farm and back. hmmm.

April: Ask R to outline the year plan. Yep, can do that - with detail. Watch him struggle to do the deep knee bends as he begins to work in earnest on the farm. Listen to him complain about sore muscles just because he was *on a tractor*. See him be flabby. ugh.

May: Ask R how many muscles are in the human body. He knows because he can feel every one of them about now.

July: Try to keep up with R on the farm. Good luck. Just don't watch too closely, he doesn't want you to seeing him trying to catch his breath or rubbing his shoulder/back/knee/etc.

August: There is a lot less of R than there was in April. It's odd, but that container seemed heavier when it was full the last time he lifted it (April). Ask R to use his brain...uhhhhhhhh.

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