Thursday, August 6, 2009

There's a Flaw Here Somewhere...

The rainy day plan...

In our case, it is not the same as the proverbial rainy day. We have day plans for literal rainy days.

Why am I thinking on this just before 11pm on Thursday? Because I see rain heading our way on the radar.

First - we NEED that rain. Fall on our gardens please. Thank you.

Second - I am realizing how many tasks around here are delayed until we have a rainy day where field work is not possible. And, when you have as long a dry spell as we've just had - the list gets very long in a hurry. Suddenly, you realize you need a week of rainy days to catch up on them (no, we don't need that either...did that in 2007 in August...did not like it).

However, it is more complicated than that. If we have a distribution on the day that we have a rainy day, the rainy day rule (and list) does not apply. The CSA distribution work list ALWAYS wins. Have you ever picked cucumbers in the pouring rain? It's worth a story or two.

If all goes well, tomorrow will be a rainy day. Let's hope for a nice, non-violent rain. Let's also hope that R has motivation to do all the things he needs to do on his rainy day list.

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