Monday, August 3, 2009

Spied A Spider

Just a quick post to relate a quick baseball story.

Ok - first step. R plays baseball on Sundays. Now you know.

Second step - you have to wear helmets when you bat.

Third step - you need to take off your cap to put on the helmet. Ok, I do because my head is too big to fit in the helmet otherwise (insert remark about that comment here...)

I was the starting pitcher in game 1 - so I tend to leave the dugout thinking about what I need to throw, etc. I picked my glove and cap off the of the shelf in the dugout, pulled the cap on and put on the glove.

Out of the corner of my right eye, I saw what I assume to be some stray hairs sticking out on the bill of the cap. I attempted to brush them away and they seemed to go away.

As I approached the pitching mound, I saw those hairs again and was a bit more annoyed and brushed at them a bit more aggressively. Again -they appeared to go away.

It got a bit more freaky when I noticed them again as I climbed the mound to take a warm up toss or two. These hairs were on the tip of the bill, not near my head. And, they moved *against* the wind. Hmmmmm.

I took the hat off and found a "Daddy Long Legs" spider haplessly climbing around on it. My catcher wondered why I was laughing - I'm not sure if I told him or not. The spider was released harmlessly to the grass behind the mound.

In other baseball news. T attempted to take a picture of the nice round bruise on my right leg. Evidently, the opposing pitcher felt that I needed extra ornamentation and plunked me there. It does make squatting/kneeling to pick a bit more of a challenge right now.

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