Sunday, August 16, 2009

SHELVES! (updated)

The truck barn got a completed roof this year, which means the building is capable of keeping things dry (for the most part). That means we can consider making it more useful for our veg farming efforts.

Many thanks to Dad for his efforts in moving everything around in order to build shelves on the south wall. The building is fairly tall, so there is plenty of space to utilize in the vertical direction. These shelves do that! The web flats, transplant pots and lighter things of that nature are on the top shelves. We only need them in the early Spring - and they come down once and go up once in a season (yes, that is a simplification - but it is close enough). There will be some of that sort of thing that we will need access to throughout the year, but we don't need 500 trays at eye level most of the time.

There are shelves to put our picking crates, coolers and other items we use multiple times every week for CSA distributions. These shelves provide us with a consistent and easy to access spot for their storage. What a relief! It will not take long before we wonder how we managed without these shelves.

Now to find time to get things organized on those shelves...

We'll try to add a pic later.

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