Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tom Sawyer & Summer Fest

We only had one inquiry about the scheduled August Tom Sawyer Day, so we decided not to run it. However, if we get significant requests for one yet in August before school starts, we will consider running one. If we do run one, we'd like to have a good turnout for it. So, voice an opinion if you have one on this matter.

However, our Summer Harvest Festival is scheduled for August 29! We run this as a potluck style event. All CSA members and 'honorary' CSA members (you know who you are) are encouraged to attend. We usually start around 4pm and run until interest in bonfires, or other such things wanes (or midnight - whichever comes first). This is celebration time only - no work involved (unless you want to help with grilling, etc - if you can call that work). Bring fun games to play and a celebratory mood.

Our gatherings are family friendly - we encourage attendees to limit alcahol and we have some nice lawn space for playing!

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