Monday, January 20, 2014

Absolutely For Fun

It is January - which means the farmer can sometimes just do a few things because.  Yes, that's right.  Just.  Because.

First - we still need more votes on the photo of the year.  So, if you haven't voted yet, go there.  Look at them.  Comment or send an email with your votes.

The Sound of Music
One of the most common memes on the internet is the "what is playing on your ipod" thing that goes around.  I'm not going to do that.  Instead, I'm going to mention a few albums I'm currently enjoying in hopes that others might also find them interesting.
  Common Children - Delicate Fade
No, its not new.  Yes, it deserved much more attention than it got.
   House of Heroes - Cold Hard Want
Yes, this is newer, but not really new.  But, it's pretty new to me.  Now you know what is new.  Even if you never thought I knew.
   Write This Down - Lost Weekend
A good bit 'louder' than the other two.  I may be starting to wind down on this one now, but not quite yet.
   Choir - Burning Like the Midnight Sun
We've liked this group since they started.  This album almost beats our previous favorite (Chase the Kangaroo).  Almost.
   Cello Fury - Symphony of Shadows
Cello music.  We like it.  We like it alot. 

Funny Bone
You all know now that we like a good pun or a decent joke.  A couple of somewhat recent cartoons caught our attention.

The first is from Pearls Before Swine (Pastis).  He missed it by a little bit.  I'd have put a puppy, rather than an adult, dog there.  Then it would be my Melancholy Baby!

BC (Mastrianni/Hart) often catches us with a good definition.  Before any of you that really likes Brussels gets too upset, you need to consider that many people are a bit nervous about that vegetable.  And, frankly, since we are not fond of any sort of monoculture, it still fits us.

Eggs actly
And we washed every one of those eggs in 2013.  We stopped washing some of them if they broke.  Seems pointless to continue at that time.

What Do They Have in Common?
A wonder bar (pry bar), three hole punch, an ear of dried blue corn and a flowcharting template.

I'm not sure either, but they're all on my desk right now.

Good and Sneaky Good
The two of us have been trying to decide on a single one of our photographs to have printed and framed.    We have some that have stood out almost since the moment we took them, like the one below:
South Falls in Oregon
But, that one almost seems like cheating.  It is taken from a 'scenic viewpoint.'  So, it was really mostly framed for us.  But, I don't think I should like it less for that.

On the other hand, there is this picture:

Winter Falls in Oregon
We had to do some hiking and needed to play around a bit with finding good spots to take photos.  And, this one has grown on us over time.  But, then we ask ourselves if we want a picture with snow in it.  After all, it is January...

So, we thought maybe this one would work:
Hanakapi'ai Beach

Maybe we should print two back to back and flip the picture depending on the season.  Picture with snow in July, picture with blue water in January.  That has merit.

Christmas Tree and Lights
We don't always manage to decorate around our house.  There are many reasons or this and it isn't worth going into them.  But, any teachers out there will probably have some ideas already.  We got to it this year and enjoyed having the lights on the tree and on another decoration in the house.  We haven't taken them down and we're likely to leave them up through the whole month of January.  Why?  It gets dark early and gets light late.  For some reason, they are making us feel better when we see them.

Good enough for me.

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