Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chicken Decoding Special Forces (CDSF)

 [ed. note: the Chicken Decoding Special Forces periodically reports on their efforts to piece together scrambled messages found in the barn.  For those who do not know, we will occasionally put shredded paper in their bedding.  Since the birds do not like to go outside when there is snow on the ground, they spend time trying to piece these papers together.  Here are two recent submissions from the CDSF.]

Special Report: CDSF

We (the members of the CDSF) have been working around the cluck in order to bring you up to date reporting on barnyard events. We remain committed to be at your beak and call for all things scrambled.
This just in: "The sky IS falling."

A "Sky is Falling" Drill
Recommendation: Run around (alot). Make sure you run in a somewhat circular pattern. Paths that interfere with the movement of humans is wise. After all, they are clueless and fail to see the impending danger. And when the sky falls, they are taller than you. Vocalize your warnings insistently until your message gets across to your audience - or until you are presented with more food and water.

Special Report: CDSF
by Sudsbury Six
The Chicken Decoding Special Forces has been in operation for some time and we have requested the opportunity to report recent findings. It is our duty to sort through and decode the shredded materials provided to us on a semi-regular basis.

We feel that we pecked a good one for your review.  We worked hard to pullet off.  It definitely had a wing of truth to it.  Sources were eggselent.  Ignore at your peril.  If you do, the yolk will be on you:

"the do is what from Saturday then once is until was it due bee dew."

Clearly, something is afoot and we are hopeful our willingness to decode these materials and report them will help someone.

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