Friday, January 10, 2014


Once again, we find ourselves overwhelmed by the kindness of others.  We've posted in the past about our history with bonuses for our work, or the lack thereof.  We want to be sure you don't take this wrong.  We don't exactly consider these a 'bonus' ala 'corporate America' where the nebulous 'business entity' provides a little extra for employees around the holiday season.  In all senses of the word, these are all heartfelt gifts from wonderful people who wish us well.  And, we are most grateful for them.

We won't publicly name names - but we will make note of some of these here in the hopes that those who gave the gifts will understand how much they were appreciated!

We received a gift card to Hy-Vee and wondered what specifically we should do with it.  Well, both of us have a fondness for seafood, but it isn't something we have at all often in Iowa (for obvious reasons).  At one time in our lives, we would treat ourselves to a home cooked seafood feast around New Year's.  So, we used the gift card to purchase some scallops and the makings for an excellent vermicelli dish.  The raw materials added to Tammy's ability to create excellent meals resulted in some really good food!

There are some folk who are fully aware that we appreciate the opportunity to go to Rudy's Tacos for dinner after CSA distributions in Cedar Falls.  As a result, we received some gift certificates for Rudy's that we will most certainly use - and think kindly of those who gifted them as we use them!

And we would be remiss if we didn't note the gifts of sweet breads and cookies.  We hope those who gifted them to us don't mind that we shared.  After all, there are only two of us - and we do like to share.  The great news about this is that there are even MORE people who are pleased with the goodies than just the two of us.

We also had a few people insist that we 'keep the change' on a couple of transactions recently.  Don't think we didn't take note of this.  The temptation, of course, is to just let that cash merge into the rest of the cash and do nothing special.  But, the spirit of the gift was maintained.  We like cheeses, so got ourselves some different cheeses from Hansen's to try during the holidays.

Ok, ok.  So, everything was food related.  What can we say?  It's what we do.  So, it makes sense to be consistent.

Thank you all for your kindness.  What a great way to start a new year! 

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