Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cubby's Corners

Cubby's Corner
[ed. note: Cubby is one of our farm managers, typically spending her time keeping tabs on the surrounding territory. Her official position is "Mighty Huntress" and is also the "Senior Feline" on the farm.  With the very cold weather, she was invited into the farm house basement until things warm a bit.  Since she is inside, we asked her to share some of her thoughts.]

Cubby taking a break from a busy day.

 Warm, sunny spots are nice. The hay in the Poultry Pavilion is comfy. Mice make crunchy noises when you [see them walking on Rice Crispies. ed]!

The humans don't skritch me nearly enough, but they do seem nice. Excuse me. [at this point Cubby is checking out a nook in the basement, more later. ed.]

[10 minutes later] I'm sorry, did you want something? A blog post? Why would I want to do that? I'm very busy, can't you see that? [Cubby walks haughtily away] 

[ed. note: What did you expect? She's a cat!]

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