Monday, June 1, 2009

Affirmation by Festival

Saturday (the 30th of May) was our annual "Iris Festival" at the farm. Invited were all of our CSA members and other 'honorary' CSA members/farm supporters. For some reason, Iris Fest is probably the least popular of our gatherings - but there are always enough people to make it all worthwhile.

First - we realize that we do live out on a gravel road AND we recognize that we are not in the most convenient of locations for most of the people who might have interest in coming.

Second, many of our CSA members and supporters have not met - meaning that many folks would have to attend with the knowledge that they may not know anyone at the gathering. That can be tough. As an introvert, I can relate.

Third, weather out in the country is usually windier AND cooler than it is in town. If you don't believe me, ask the people who attended the gathering!

After all of that prelude, I just wanted to say this: the people who attend these gatherings always help us to feel like we are doing the right thing on the farm.

The interest that is shown in what we do, combined with the genuine desire to see us do well helps us to overcome the feelings that creep up every year that were outlined in the previous post! Every festival brings someone new to the farm - which means we get to make new friends as well (always a positive). And, we also get a chance to view the farm through the eyes of others - including the eyes of the children who come to the farm and get to throw bread to the chickens - or hold a baby turkey - or visualize the field of pepper plants that is soon to come.

The net result is that we are reminded that our failures are not as big as we think - and our successes are actually a bigger deal than we often let ourselves believe. After a brief conversation with T - we realized that some of our CSA members that have been with us for a few years can tell newer members what our farm was like just a few years ago....

sounds like another blog post!

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