Monday, June 8, 2009

Pharm Report early June

A very quick farm report for anyone who might be interested:

  • No more raccoon depradations on the turkeys. We ordered more chicks. Financially, we're hoping to work this into a balanced expense/income situation.
  • Third side of our 4 sided outbuilding is now roofed (Friday & Sunday). That leaves one side open to receive the last 24 hours rains. That's ok - it could have been 1/2 the roof!
  • Before the rains came on Sunday we managed to cultivate the entire tomato plot, 1/2 the bean/potato plot, plant another 100 peppers, plant a bunch of basil and some turnips.
  • Sunday was a surprisingly productive day...
  • I can't remember what we did on Saturday - but we were sure tired by the end of the day - so it must have been productive.
  • Finally, the transfer of a large number of plants was executed - well - at least the plants are gone... One should never underestimate how much time hundreds of potted seedlings will take of your time each and every day.
  • What did we do on Saturday?!?
  • Our first CSA delivery will be this coming Thursday - there are items that NEED distribution prior to the beginning of next week. Look for radish, arugula, spices and maybe lettuce?
  • Potatoes are coming up strong this year. Lettuce, broccoli and spinach are really taking off. The peas needed the rain we just got and should take off now.
  • Germination has been fair, but the rain should make all of that even better. Now we have to get to cultivating and protecting our crops. Oh - and we need to plant more....of course.
  • this Saturday will be our Tom Sawyer Day held to support the Food Pantry. Consider coming on out to support the farm AND the food shelter!

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