Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CSA Week 1 Completed!

Once the CSA delivery season begins, we find our time to put things in blogs or to put things on the website declines dramatically. Probably most difficult about it is how QUICKLY time flies.

It seems like it was only moments before that we completed our very first CSA pickup on Thursday of last week. Now we've done two more pickups (Monday and Tuesday) and are staring at the Thursday delivery all over again!

It's good to have lots to do. Even better to like most of what you do. But, it does get a little concerning when you can't quite reconcile how time flew by you so quickly!

Week 1 shares contained typical early garden season fare: lettuce, spinach, radish - plus some arugula, oregano and other spices. Probably more of the same for a while until the warmer weather crops get a little warm weather!

Hopefully we'll have some energy to report a bit more on Wednesday.

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