Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome to June - and a freeze warning?!?

That might have gotten your attention! No, no freeze warning here. However, I did look at the severe weather listings tonight (May 31) and saw a big batch of white in New England. It seems there is a very large area there that is looking at lows in the lower 30's to upper 20's. That, my friends is scary for people like us. We know there are many market and other garden crop businesses not unlike ours in those areas. And, we wonder what WE would do given the same situation.

All I can say is that I wish them well and hope the forecasters are wrong (to the good).

It's just another reason why we remind ourselves to not get TOO anxious with our planting in the Spring. It may feel good to get ahead of the list and get more things in the ground. But, the reality is that there are time ranges for each crop and we need to hit those ranges and not worry so much about 'completing the task' or trying to beat the competition to the 'first tomato.'

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