Thursday, June 4, 2009

But Wait, There's More!

May went out with a bang for us. A good sort of bang at that.

In prior posts, you might note that we have alot to put in this time of year - and that the weather can quickly put work on hold.

Despite Iris Fest on Saturday and a baseball game for R (yes, he plays on a baseball team) in Newton on Sunday, we still accomplished a great deal on the farm. It's a good thing when you can work in non-farm related activities, enjoy them AND still get good work done on the farm.

Quick farm report:
  • All melons and watermelons are now in the ground.
  • 75% of the winter squash are now in.
  • The 3rd green bean planting is in.
  • The sunflower/corn experiment is now in the ground and waiting to germinate
  • All fields have had at least a rough till to start the season
  • Another planting of radish, lettuce, spinach and beets were put in on Saturday
Quick game report: R got two hits and drove in 2. His brother, on the other hand, got two hits and drove in four. Argh!

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