Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The 'Way Back' Machine

Ok - we're only in our 6th summer at the farm. So - a 'way back' machine is really a 'not so way back' machine. But, the title is more catchy the way it is...

This post is for persons who might remember some things about our first couple of years of CSA and enjoy saying 'oh yeah - I remember that one...oy!' It also might be enjoyable for those who are new to the CSA or farm to gain some perspective of where we've been.

  • Anyone remember the 3 stall garage? Ok, it's still our garage. But, it now has one garage door and a regular walk in door. But, who remembers the three garage doors that had to be carefully opened/closed for fear they would fall apart? I can think of a couple of people (B.B. is one of them!) who helped rip off some of the old siding and pulled out a lot of birds nest material in the process.
  • Or, what about hand weeding an entire 30x30 area of 3 foot tall grasses - by hand - in 4 hours. MJ might (not so fondly) recall that one.
  • Perhaps C.H. might remember trying to wade through tomatoes pulling 5 foot tall weeds to try and find a few measly onions that were companion planted between them?
  • D.D. & E.W. recall (possibly) responding to a call for help that had something to do with our truck being hit by a building that blew over in the wind. D's truck was kindly gifted until our truck was repaired. And, I seem to recall a goodly number of peppers were gently returned to upright positions in order to make for a record setting pepper crop that year.
  • S.T.P will remember putting in about 100 tiny asparagus roots in hopes that they would some day provide asparagus. Happily, S got to take home some of the bounty after the gathering!
  • Even better - very few will recall what the triangular field looked like when we first claimed it for use in vegetable growing. At the time, we only had a walk behind tiller. Yes, we tilled 1.5 acres with a walk behind tiller that year. (year 2) Was it any wonder that we were having trouble getting everything planted.
  • A few people might even remember our 2nd ever batch of meat chickens. Out of 102 chicks, we had seven make it to the point where they could be processed. Pretty much any creature that think chickens taste like...well...chicken, came and tested our out. I'm not even close to sure how we decided to do chickens again after that one.

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  1. Fond memories! Every time I walk by our pot of tomatoes growing obediently into their cage I remember the Faux farm and wrestling rows of tomatoes into their cages on a sunny afternoon.

    In case I don't say it enough, thanks for doing what y'all do!


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