Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Evening Song

I took the camera around the farm as the sun was going down a few days ago.  The broilers were still on the farm, so I had to do the pre-chore task of putting their food inside their buildings to encourage them to go in for the night.

Sometimes when I do these rounds, I am a bit too early to just close the birds and high tunnels up, so rather than go back to the house and go inside, I might meander around the farm a bit.  As I walk, I listen to the sounds of the evening, or feel the breeze, or observe the clouds.

On this particular day, I was able to take some photos of what I was seeing.  Some of them turned out to be pretty good pictures.  The one above falls into that category.

In the foreground is one of our small, "Iowa" peaches.  It's more of a bush than a tree, really.  Behind it is a tree that is on the border of our property.  We did not plant it - it is a volunteer - and we considered removing it because it is likely a bit too close to the edge.

But, it is in an area where we don't have much for bushes.  And, more important, Mr. Bunting likes to sit in that tree in the evening and sing his evening song.   If you look closely at that tree, you can see Mr. Bunting at the top right.  No, he would not let me get much closer, so this is what we've got for photo evidence.

This same tree allowed us to spot our first Scarlet Tanager on the farm last year.  It's a favored evening spot for one of this year's Indigo Buntings.  

Now, I am inclined to leave that tree unless the neighbor complains - and I'll go there to listen to the birds as they give their evening concerts.

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