Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Looking for New Homes

Today's blog is going to be very different because we're actually advertising some farm things that the Genuine Faux Farm no longer needs and we are hoping to find them new homes.

We will update this blog post as things find their new place to be.  Scroll to the end for details on how we will handle transactions.

Durnik the Ford 8n/2n

Durnik joined the farm in 2010 and taught us how to safely operate a tractor at the Genuine Faux Farm.  We've maintained him well and he's been shedded most of his life at the farm.  We added an electric start to make it easier to get him going.  It has a Sherman overdrive transmission, PTO and three point, category 1 hitch.  The three-point does not have draft control.  Like most tractors of this sort, it does not have much for brakes, so you should use chucks to keep it parked on an incline.

He's a great little tractor and we've thoroughly enjoyed its presence at our farm, but Durnik is probably better for someone else at this point in time.  We do have manuals and other useful resources.

Status: Available ----------- Price $2000 OBO

Cat 1, 3 point, Tater Digger

The reality for our farm is that we don't need this AND a middle buster.  The middle buster is more versatile for us. So, this one goes.

And, it works fine with Durnik.

Status: Available --------  Price $50

Cat 1 Three point Slip Scraper

Once we acquired a tractor with a bucket, this implement was not used much after that point.  It's been patiently waiting in a shed for someone else to love and use it.  Works fine with Durnik.

Status: Available  ---------- Price $75

Flexible Cat, S-Tine Cultivator on 8 foot Toolbar

Here's another tool that once did a job for us.  Our operation has changed and this is not longer part of the toolset we need at the Genuine Faux Farm.  And actually, we will still be keeping and using another, similar tool bar, so it's not like we've decided it has no use - we just don't need BOTH!

This was formerly a 16 foot toolbar, which we cut in half.  The 3-point attachment could be adjusted to a different category hitch (it is set for Cat 1 right now).  There are four S-Tine gangs that can also be adjusted to your row spacing.

Status: Available ---------- Price $150

Small Covered Trailer

At one point, we used this as a portable brooder for our farm.  Once we created the permanent brooder room on the farm, this became less useful for us.  

Status: SOLD  

Cat 1, Two-Seat Holland Transplanter

Complete with different cogs to facilitate different plant spacings.  At one point in time, it had a water tank to allow you to put a little water on the plants as you put them in.  It just never fit in with our tool and labor sets.  The best time to use it was when we weren't able to have workers available to sit in those seats.

 Status: Available ------------ Price $300

Bed Roller

We found this was a useful item when we were using the Johnny's 6-row seeder.  That seeder is persnickety about how nice the bed surface for planting was, so this was a great help.  If you have trouble with seed to soil contact, this can help.  I believe we also have dibbles that can go with it if you want to use it to mark your seed bed for transplants - assuming we can find them!

We have moved away from plantings that use the 6-row seeder and this tool is no longer useful to us.  We never did get into using the dibbles, etc because we were more interested in the bed packing rather than row marking.

Status: Available  ---------- Price $200 (Johnny's list price $310 new without dibbles, etc)

Ariens Tiller

It feels like just yesterday - and yet it was years ago.  The Ariens tiller blew out its engine and, having no alternatives at the time, we put a new engine on it.  Then, we actually got some bigger equipment and the Ariens has been rolled from one corner of a building to another.  With the new engine along for the ride.  With some TLC, you can probably get the tiller to work for you.  But, the value is in the motor, of course.

Tecumseh 8hp engine with tiller.  Considering how few hours this engine has on it, this is a pretty nice price for the person who could either use that engine in another application or for someone who will do a little rehab on the tiller.

Status: Available ----------- Price $40

Stand-up Soilblock Makers

The soil block maker on the left is a 6 block and the one on the right is a 20 block.  Both with minimal use.  While we liked the concept of them, they simply ended up not fitting our operation and how we went about doing things.  If we had a better seed starting area earlier in the development of our farm, I suspect these would have gotten plenty of play.

These are practically new and from Johnny's would cost $225 each.  We may have dibbles for these if we can find them.  We've priced these so you can order the dibbles if we can't find them and you need to order some and you'll still come out spending much less than you would for new ones.

Status: Available  -----------  Price $125 each

Harvesting Broadfork

Our harvesting broadfork has seen much more love than our soilblock makers.  However, we have no need for two harvesting broadforks with the changes on our farm.  

Status: Available  Price $150 (listed as $250 new)

Portable Poultry Building (sale pending)

We will only need one of the two buildings we have used for our broilers at the Genuine Faux Farm when we go into the 2022 season.  That means one of these Jeff Sage built buildings will become available.  We have found that about 125 broilers works in a building if you do a day-range system and you can plan on moving every other day.  Building is tall enough for most average height people to be reasonably comfortable entering.  Skid based construction.

Status: Pending ------ Price $200

Truck Topper

Way back when... we used this old truck topper as a shelter for our broilers.  We built a heavy wood base, which is now largely gone.  But, the truck topper is still sitting at our farm, wishing we would find a use for it.

It was given to us and we will give it to someone who feels they can use it.

Status: Available ------- Price free

2020 Hen Flock (sold out)

We have two hen flocks on the farm at this time.  This year's hen chicks are now producing for us and last year's are also producing.  Simply put, we don't have the demand or the inclination to deal with two flocks anymore.

So, for those who might like a few backyard chickens, we have about 80 hens and one rooster available from the 2020 flock.  If you want a larger number than just a few, for whatever reason (to supplement your own layers or to process them as stewing hens), we can accommodate you if that's what you prefer.  These birds were chicks April, 2020.  They will still produce for some time yet, but are certainly past the highest production levels in their lifespans.  They are a mix of Isa Browns (brown eggs), California White (white eggs) and Americana (blue/green eggs).

We would like $3/bird if you arrange pickup, more if we have to arrange delivery.  If you want larger numbers, we can discuss details.

We will need to finish negotiations prior to October 19.  After October 19, these will be available as processed stewing hens at $6 each.  Frankly, we'd love to just get them different homes prior to the trip to the "Park" this year as freezer space on the farm may be at a premium this season.

Status: SOLD OUT

Are You Interested?

The best way to show interest is to email Rob at

For the larger items on this list, we are asking the buyer to arrange for transportation.  Smaller items we can discuss options.  If you need a definition for large/small - ask yourself, can Rob throw it into the back of his pickup by himself?  So, the slip scraper may be the upper limit.

Why are we selling these items?

The nickel tour answer is this: our farm continues to change as any living farm does.  These are items that do not fit what we do anymore.  Durnik, for example, was great when we hosted farm gatherings, which we no longer do and was nice to have when we were more actively farming and could use two tractors every so often.  A few things never quite fit our farm and you can benefit from our throwing money at something that wasn't right for us, but may be right for you.


  1. I was reading down your list of items and my heart did a flip-flop when I saw Cat 1. My first thought was you meant Sup, the mother cat! My scanning eye caught Cat in the next paragraph and I immediately thought of Inspector. I was shocked you would be looking for a home for your cats! I continue to read and I’m very glad that the farm supervisors are not on your list to rehome.

  2. Give me a call Rob . I am looking for a few hens as the coyotes got some of the brave free rangers that decided to stay out from the hen house.

    1. I would, but I don't know who "Unknown" is. :( And, the birds are all spoken for now. Sorry!


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