Thursday, September 21, 2017

Grab A Picture, Write About It

I actually have a backlog of topics that I'd like to put in the blog, which is nothing new.  Some of these topics may percolate for months before I get enough time/desire together to write on them.  Others will sit there and never come to fruition.  The issue with those topics is that they take a bit more effort than I can often give, but I still feel like getting some new material onto the blog.

If I can actually get myself to grab the camera and take a farm picture or two, I automatically have material.  I just have to grab the photos that seem like something can be said about them and there we are!

This posts theme?  Green and growing things CAN still look good in September!

Those of us who work outside and observe nature can tell you that many plants start to look a little bit more tired after the Summer Solstice.  Tree leaves lose a little of their luster, grass usually grows a bit slower and looks a bit browner (though that's often more because of the amount of rain one gets) and some of our longer season veggie plants look less robust.  It's just the way things are.

But, if you have a field that still looks this good in mid-September:
You know you've done a pretty good job.

In the center are two rows of broccoli flanked by a bed of onions on each side.  The broccoli is now working on side-shoots.  All of the main heads have been harvested.  The broccoli plants look ok, but aren't quite as beautiful as they were a month ago.  The onion plants also look fine.  They are a bit slow for us this year.  They went in later than we wanted.  But, they are healthy now and they are getting to where we want them.  Just taking their sweet time about it.

We treated ourselves to a couple of dahlia bulbs this Spring and planted them inside of Eden.  Here's what we get to see now:
We purchased two types of dahlias.  We used to grow these and gave up because these little green bugs would got at them this time of year and destroy the flowers.  Oddly enough, the other dahlia is getting destroyed but this one is not.  Ok, we'll take it!  There are a number of blooms on both of these, so here's hoping we get to enjoy them for another week or so.
Then, there are the zinnias.  They do start to look a little bit rougher in September, but they remain beautiful.  It's just easier to enjoy the beauty if you don't spend time giving them critical once-overs.  If you do that, you'll see some browned leaves and finished flowers.  We don't have time to dead-head these rows, so that's just what happens.

But, the Monarchs and Painted Ladies like them.  I've seen some hummingbirds checking them out now as well. 
And then, there are late plantings like our third succession of summer squash and zucchini.  They are small plants, but they are already producing.  It's nice when you take a gamble with a late planting and get what looks like a win out of it!

Since these are younger plants, they do look a bit greener than the older plants.  However, the sad thing about heat loving plants like these is that they will 'age' much more quickly in September than they do in June, July and August.  Already we are seeing some signs that they will not last terribly long.  But, we're not complaining!  Some fresh zucchini and summer squash in mid-September is a real treat and we're happy to share that treat with our CSA farm share members!

A simple stir fry with hamburger, onions, garlic, summer squash, zucchini and Pintung Long eggplant was a winner for us last night (and tomorrow's lunch!).

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