Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hightlights of the Summer Harvest Festival Playlist

While we did not have live music at the Summer Harvest Festival this year, we did have some good music.  And, while the farmers were hosting, they also noticed when people were singing parts of a tune, humming along or even moving a bit to the music.

Here are a few we noticed some reactions to:
A cover of Safety Dance anyone?
And the whole crew yelled "Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
How about a little cello with Takenobu? Song title is "Limbo":
One of our favorite bands, the 77's, playing "Nowhere Else":
Now, this tune is very catchy "If" you let yourself listen to House of Heroes:
One of Tammy's all time favorites, Sister Hazel and "All For You:"
You had to know we'd have some of the Choir playing and I caught someone paying attention to this one!
We even got a little Irish Fest style music in there with some Scythian:
And, if we'd been thinking we would have ordered the playlist so everyone would hear Alison Brown towards the end of the festival.
And we would have ended with Kerosene Halo:

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's Summer Harvest Festival, it was an honor to host it for you!

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