Saturday, November 21, 2020


Sometimes it is nice to think about the things we are enjoying in our lives - if only to remind ourselves that there ARE things we enjoy.  With that thought in mind, I thought I'd share a few things that are 'trending upward' in our household right now.  

Besides, it's Saturday - it can be healthy to change things up a little on the weekend.

A picture we like to look at

It was a great hike and the tall trees threw snowballs at us.  And, this picture hangs in the kitchen where we can see it every time we go out the back door.  But, perhaps, now that it is getting colder outside, we should put a 'warmer' picture up in that spot?

Fuzzy, sleepy critters

 We have a glider rocker in the office.  I don't often get to sit in the glider rocker.  You can guess why.

But, Bree does know how to be a love sometimes.... when she's not whining, chewing plants or having a hairball.  Oh, wait!  This was a positive post!

And I'm positive she's going to whine, chew plants and...  never mind.

There is always music

We always love our music.  Admittedly, Rob tends to be the one of the two of us who puts the playlists together, but Tammy makes her opinions known.  So, in the end, it is a collaborative effort.

A few tunes that we're appreciating right now:

Please Let Me Be - Future of Forestry

Thunderhead - the Elms

Tears in the Ground - Sam Phillips

Take the Moment - Classic Crime

How about music AND video?

Generally, we don't do much along these lines.  But, someone pointed us at this video and it was just too fun not watch a couple of times.  Now, we share with you.

Something different to eat

We were introduced to the Loco Moco at Koke'e State Park on Kauai.  With rice, hamburger, eggs and gravy, this certainly classifies as a 'comfort food' as far as we're concerned.  The recipe we link is not necessarily a 'recommendation' as Tammy simply made the Loco Moco how she felt like making it (and it tasted great).  However, we realized it might be a good idea to link a recipe so others can at least see what we're referring to.

The other nice treat was breaking out one of our bags of frozen asparagus for our veggie recently.  In the past, we've always kind of figured we'd get all the asparagus we wanted during asparagus harvest in May to early June.  This year, we had some excess - so we decided to try freezing some.  While it isn't the same as fresh, it was still a treat.  We'll call it a win.

There are a few dishes that we have encountered over time that we have enjoyed enough for Tammy to try her own hand at.  It might be time to think about Cincinnati chili again?

Have some Poirot with that?

Tammy and I enjoyed picking up a set of dvds of the most recent British TV series Agatha Christie's Poirot, starring David Suchet, earlier this year as we began to realize that the pandemic was going to encourage us to look to a bit more home entertainment. If I recall, this box set was seasons 8 through 13 and we have spread viewing of these out over the past eight months.  Sadly, we have one more installment to view.

Night-time reading

We both enjoy reading when we can.  With a little enforced 'down time' for me recently, I was able to plow through a couple of books that I have been waiting to read.  

Jim Butcher's Dresden Files have been on my reading list now for several years.  I will readily admit that I came into the series in the middle after someone else recommended them to me.  And, frankly, that is likely all to the good because Butcher had settled a bit into his character development at that point.  The books classify as urban fantasy with a little noir and supernatural all over the place.  

Oddly enough, I find I am now reading them more to see how the characters grow and change over time than I am to see how the plots move.  Huh.  Who knew?

If Tammy wants to share any of her reading, she will.

How about some flowers?

 We have a few indoor plants that have decided they will gift us with color.

Have a great weekend - and I hope you, too, have some good things trending in your lives as well.

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