Monday, June 15, 2020

Did You Have a Nice?

It's going to happen.

Even though Tammy and I are going to spend most (or all) of Monday on the farm, someone is going to ask us if we had a nice weekend.  Or a nice day.  Or a nice evening. 

Either that, or they'll ask us how we are doing.  

It'll happen in a zoom meeting, or a phone call, or something.  It's fated to happen.

Well, WE were napping, quit taking pictures of us.
It is really just a greeting of sorts, because we expect only a short, undetailed, but pleasant, response to these questions.  It's one thing if the respondent launches into a blow by blow for some wonderful event they participated in over the weekend/evening/thing.  It's a whole different ballgame if someone starts telling you about the very bad, awful, nasty thing that happened or that they're feeling a little depressed.  The normal response is to feel slightly put upon that the person you asked is ACTUALLY trying to answer the question you asked of them. 

How rude. 

Oddly enough, I actually welcome responses to these 'throw away' questions.  First, if I didn't take the time OR just don't know enough to ask a better question of the person with whom I am conversing, then perhaps the gift I can give is to listen carefully to their response and either commiserate or celebrate with them.  On the other hand, I never quite know what to do when I am asked these sorts of questions.


Because I could possibly answer the question fairly well, but I am not convinced you really want to know.  So, I give a 'throw away' answer for the 'throw away' question.  Maybe that's unfair of me.  Perhaps I should test out my theories and start answering the questions with more care and honesty.  I wonder what will happen?

So, did we have a nice evening?

The temperature was nice, the sky was beautiful, there was a breeze and the fireflies were really lighting things up.  So, that part was pretty good. 

On the other hand, I am writing this blog post and it is 11 pm.  We just got the hens moved out of the Poultry Pavilion room and put them into the portable hen building for the Summer.  Their pasture needs some rest and repair and the hen room needs to be cleaned (like now).  And, the henlets are going to move into the hen room once we clean it.

In short, it's a big project.

And, it is not one that we always enjoy because we can't really start much of it UNTIL the hens get on their perches and go to sleep.  Otherwise, we would have to chase them all over the place and it would take much, MUCH longer to do this task.

In case you hadn't noticed.  The sun goes down pretty late on June 14. 
Also, for those who do not know.  Hens do not like to go to their room and settle down UNTIL the sun goes down.

So, sure.  We had a nice evening.  We accomplished a task - after accomplishing a bunch of other tasks - after a day where we did things.   And now, I want to have a nice session of exploring the inside of my eyelids.

I hope I have a chance to hear someone ask me if I had a nice... whatever... tomorrow.  And, I hope I'll be able to determine if the person asking really wants to know.   Because, if they don't, they might not understand why I start making clucking noises...


  1. New name for the red building - the Summer Pavilion!

    1. Huzzah for the Summer Pavilion. Or should it be the Summer Poultry Pavalion? Or perhaps.. the Summer Cottage?


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