Sunday, June 21, 2020

Not An Iris

This is an iris.  The rest of the pictures are NOT iris.  And now you know.

Iris season started late for us and it was over way too soon, as far as we are concerned.  But, we are being reminded that there are so many other flowers that deserve our attention at the farm.  So, before the daylilies start, we thought we would take a moment this Sunday and recognize some of the other blooms that are gracing us with their presence right now.

We also thought our dads might enjoy seeing the flowers we have at the farms.  I know that the tradition is that moms like the flowers.  But, let's give our dads some credit for knowing what is beautiful in the world too.

Shasta Daisies


Gerbera Daisies


Climbing Rose


Mock Orange
Happy Father's Day!

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