Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Available from the Farm June 3

We will be putting our available items up on the web the day of a delivery each week on the blog in addition to our email newsletter list.  The email list goes out the day prior to the blog posting, so if you wish to get in on the earlier version (and avoid having things sell out) then contact us at our email address.

Available This Week:
  • eggs - $3.50/dozen (limit 2 doz per family)
  • rhubarb - $2.50/lb
  • asparagus - $5.00/lb (from our farm and Jeff Sage will supplement if needed)   
  • spinach - $4/bag 
  • starter plants - $2.50 each
young melon in the high tunnel
The asparagus and rhubarb are from our own farm and supplemented by Jeff Sage's gardens.  this will be the last harvest of spinach until late Fall.

Pick Up Locations Today
  1. 5:00-5:15PM  Waverly - St Andrew's Church parking lot
  2. 5:30-5:45PM  Waverly - Yogi Life Studio parking area
Drive by delivery.  Drive up/park, open your trunk or tailgate, stand aside and we'll put your order in your vehicle.  Do not approach us, even though we would love to see you. 
If you are biking/walking, we will place your order where you can get it after we step back.

We will NOT take payment at delivery, please see below for how payments will work.

Thank you so much for tolerating this process to help keep everyone safe and healthy.  We will modify the process as the season progresses and available product dictates the need to do so.

How Do I Order?
For the time being, we are taking orders via email.  We are asking those who wish to place orders to participate in our Pre-Paid Farm Credit Program.  The program is simple and easy to join.  You get better prices and you will help us to limit transactions (and remove the process of passing money back and forth during deliveries).

How Can I Participate?
2020 Pre-Paid Farm Credit Program
We will run the system in $50 increments.  In other words, you can purchase a minimum of $50 of farm credit at a time.  We will cap the maximum amount of credit at $200 and you can refill your farm credits at any point.

Like the CSA program, this gives you the advantage of not having to pull out money at each delivery.  Instead, we will have a ledger with tracking for your current credit balance. Farm credits can be used for ANY farm product the Genuine Faux Farm offers.  If you buy farm credits, you can apply them to purchasing meat chickens, vegetables, eggs or any other thing we offer this year.

If you want to send us a check via mail - email us for our farm address. Want to use Paypal? You may send cash to We are accepting purchases of credits now and throughout the season.

Upcoming Schedule
  • (Wed) June 3 - Waverly, St Andrew's Church & Yogi Life
  • (Thus) June 14 - Cedar Falls, Jorgensen Plaza and Hansen's Outlet
  • (Wed) June 20 - Waverly, St Andrew's Church & Yogi Life
  • (Thus) June 28 - Cedar Falls, Jorgensen Plaza and Hansen's Outlet

Tammy and Rob's Weekly Challenge
Breathe.  Be kind.  Support people who need it.  Vote today in the primary.  Work extra hard to try to put yourself in other people's shoes and reach for some empathy.  Stand up when something is wrong.  We can figure this out and we can fix this.
the apple blossoms have given was to the beginnings of fruit
Crop and Poultry Report
I am trying something new here by linking in our blog posts for those who might like to learn more.  Other posts that are less related to farm status will be in the section below as they have been. For those reading the blog version - we tend to link to each of the week's blog posts so those who get our emails have a chance to visit if they wish to do so.

We started the week (since our last email with some very heavy rains that caused us some trouble.  The good news is that we only lost nine birds to the flooding and that things are drying out enough for us to work today on the farm.  Yes, it IS pretty warm out there too and the gnats are back.  The good news about rain is that we continue to have growth in our frog population.   It's a little early for the Leopard Frogs, but we hear Chorus Frogs every night and have seen many Tree Frogs.  We are hopeful that tonight's rains are moderate so we can get back to the heavy planting season so our seeds can become what we want them to be... food for all of you!

We have a few hundred feet of green beans that have germinated - but are a little spotty.  And two hundred row feet of potatoes are up as well.  We spent this morning cultivating the plot that holds these crops and weeding in the rows.  We spots seeded the bean rows to try and have a better stand of beans.  Better bean growth will help with better harvests and help protect our potatoes from the Colorado Potato Beetle.  Next step today?  Time to cultivate by the peas and put in some other crops.  Here's hoping we can keep moving in the warm.  It's not awful, but neither of us is used to these temperatures as of yet this season.

Feel free to share information with others 
Since we are not doing a CSA this year, there isn't really a cap to the number of people who can join our program.  We certainly have the capacity to deliver more produce and poultry than will likely be taken over the course of the year with the current group of people on our list.  Feel free to send people our way to join our farm share program.  And, if you still receive these emails and wonder if you missed the deadline - there IS NO DEADLINE.  Join us when you are ready or when the things you really want are in season.

Starter Plants
We do have extra plants and we are listing them below and will add to the list as we work today (the gentle reminder will likely have more for you to view).  for now, it is mostly heirloom tomatoes.  If you wish a certain plant, please include that in your order.  You may use farm credits to purchase these, just as you may for any other GFF product.
  • Silvery Fir Tree (6)  - red, good for pots
  • Cosmonaut Volkov (3) - red, intermediate size, great taste
  • Green Zebra (4) - green and yellow salad size, tangy
  • Nyagous (4) - salad to small slicer size, brown/red, a hint of brown sugar taste
  • Dr Wyche's Yellow (3) - large yellow beefsteak, big plants
  • Trophy (3) - flattened globe reds, standard slicer taste and texture
  • Wisconsin 55 (3) - About as round and red as you get for a heritage tomato
  • Black Krim (6) - the gold standard for taste on our farm.  rose with greenish shoulders
  • Paul Robeson (3) - red with greenish shoulders, kind of a smoky taste
  • Wapsipinicon Peach (9) - salad size, the sweet, fuzzy yellow tomatoes
  • Jaune Flamme (6) - salad size, orange, prolific and very tasty.
  • Red Zebra (3) - salad size, red and yellow striped
  • Black Cherry (6) - cherry tomato
  • Tommy Toe (10+) - cherry tomato
  • Speckled Roman (6) - red and yellow striped paste tomato
  • Tastey Evergreen (1) - green inside and out. it's ready when it gets yellowish on the outside
  • German Pink (9) - large, pinkish read, meaty tomatoes. Potato leaf type
  • Italian Heirloom (20) - larger reds, smaller, wispy plants.  meaty tomatoes
  • Dester (3) - large pink, haven't done these before, so can't say much else
  • Mortgage Lifter (3) - similar
  • Black Sea Man (3) - larger black type, great taste, likes drier conditions
  • Pintung Long (3) - long thin Asian style eggplant.
Be well!
Rob and Tammy

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