Wednesday, December 30, 2015

GFF Pictures for 2015 - Look to the Skies

Here are the candidates for the pictures of the year candidates for GFF in 2015 - Look to the Skies Division.
We often capture a nice sunset or sunrise each year.  But, for some reason, we had a number of interesting pictures that featured the sky this season.  Maybe it's because things were looking up this year?

Well, no matter, we're going to give them a category of their own this time around!

Enjoy the pictures - remember, you can click on a picture to see a bigger version.

And, yes!  You can VOTE for the winner of each category.  Place a comment on this post to submit a vote, or respond to a companion post on facebook OR send us an email with your vote.  You may vote once for EACH category.

a) high tunnel sunset

b) pastel skies

c) Not so pastel anymore skies

d) storm comin'

e) red horizon line
f) we promise we'll paint the granary


  1. Can I vote for my own picture? I love the colors for both b and c, but have to vote for a! Love that sunset!

  2. f) we promise we'll paint the granary

  3. the high tunnel sunset picture lands this category with four votes and 2 for the promise of painting the granary. The others go begging for votes, but they are still pretty cool!


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