Saturday, December 19, 2015

GFF Cast of Characters

Welcome to the Genuine Faux Farm.

We're at the end of another growing season and teetering on the edge of a new year with all kinds of new adventures!  We hope you will join us for the coming growing season and we'd like to offer up the following in an effort to help you to get to know our cast of characters on the farm.  You may notice that some of the text is kind of a lighter brown color - that indicates a link to a different blog post.  So, you can click to read more if you wish!

Farmer Rob
Farmer Tammy

Bandsaw Man
Typically, Farmer Rob cannot be caught on camera unless he's not fully cooperating.  So, we went with the picture that is a rarity here.  On the other hand, Farmer Tammy deserves the chance to do something silly in her picture - so there!  Although, we're not so sure what is silly about tasty Orangeglo watermelons.  Meanwhile, Jeff Sage, also known as the superhero Bandsaw Man, grows beets, carrots and sweet potatoes in cooperation with us for our CSA.

Our outdoor supervisory staff plays an important role on the farm.  Without them, the farmers would not know when to take naps, nor would they distribute appropriate amounts of skritches.  At times, one of the supervisors can be found "Farmer Surfing" and they have been known to "help" with weeding and harvests.

Mrranda - Outdoor Farm Supervisor

The Sandman - Farm Spokescat
Cubbie - the Mighty Huntress
Our indoor supervisory staff encourage the farmers to maintain a well-balanced life.  This includes providing food, getting them water, cleaning the litter box, letting them win when we play "grab the string" and providing a lap on demand.
Hob Nob - Tammy's Indoor Supervisor

Bree - Rob's Indoor Supervisor

We have a cast of inanimate characters that come and go depending on the whim of those that create them.  Thanks to Sam Larimer, we have Mr. Aubergine and Carrotman, both of whom will be helping us with the blog in the coming year.
Carrotman in his super vegetable disguise!

Mr. Aubergine wants to know

Stay tuned for part II of the Cast of Characters!  In case you were wondering, this is what farmers do when they need to create blog posts to cover a period of time.   They take ONE idea and split it into multiple blog posts.  Aren't we clever?  Oh, the ideas been taken already?  Doesn't matter, we're still going to do it!

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