Tuesday, December 29, 2015

GFF Pictures of 2015 - People Category

Here are the candidates for the pictures of the year candidates for GFF in 2015 - People Division.
There were a number of pictures from the high tunnel build and we had to narrow those down just to make sure there was some variety in the batch.

Enjoy the pictures - remember, you can click on a picture to see a bigger version.

And, yes!  You can VOTE for the winner of each category.  Place a comment on this post to submit a vote, or respond to a companion post on facebook OR send us an email with your vote.  You may vote once for EACH category.

a) Bandsaw Man sees you when you're sleeping!

b) Extra hands required.

c) the Great Bean Harvest of 2015

d) who needs a kid-sized rake?

e) we've come for our veggies!


  1. c) the Great Bean Harvest of 2015

  2. Kid sized rake takes this one with four votes over the great bean harvest with two votes.


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