Thursday, December 31, 2015

GFF Pictures of 2015 - Critters

Here are the candidates for the pictures of the year candidates for GFF in 2015 - Critter Division.
It seems like every year we focus on things a bit differently when it comes to taking photos.  But, it never fails that we attempt to take a picture or two of our farm managers (cats) or chicks.  And, usually, one or two are worth the end of year award nominations.  However, this might be the first time we have a frog in the mix.

Well, no matter, we're going to give them a category of their own this time around!

Enjoy the pictures - remember, you can click on a picture to see a bigger version.

And, yes!  You can VOTE for the winner of each category.  Place a comment on this post to submit a vote, or respond to a companion post on facebook OR send us an email with your vote.  You may vote once for EACH category.

a) It's cold.  It's wet.  I just wanna nap.
b) Always helpful

c) Diggle as photobomber
d) handful of duckling

e) cucumber frog caught on camera


  1. B) Always helpful

  2. Tamsyn9:32 AM

    Hmm... always a tough call with these pics, but I might have to vote for a non-cat photo this time (much as I love those!!).

    "Diggle as Photobomber" really made me laugh when I viewed it, so I think I'll have to vote for that one this time. Great frog-spotting, though!

  3. From other sources we have the following votes a)2 b)1 c)2 and d)1
    It looks like Diggle as Photobomber wins a close vote!
    Totals: a)2 b)2 c)3 d)1 e)0


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