Sunday, December 27, 2015

GFF Pictures of 2015 - Around the Farm

Here are the candidates for the pictures of the year candidates for GFF in 2015 - Around the Farm Division.
We break our photos into categories in part because we have a fairly large number of pictures we like for one reason or another.  The Around the Farm category is really the catch all for things that aren't really a part of another group. Often, this is the category where a 'sneaky good' picture shows up.  It's one thing to capture a fabulous sunset or the beauty of a flower.  These are often quite another thing.  Who knows what sort of thing it is - so we'll leave it to you to decide.

Enjoy the pictures - remember, you can click on a picture to see a bigger version.

And, yes!  You can VOTE for the winner of each category.  Place a comment on this post to submit a vote, or respond to a companion post on facebook OR send us an email with your vote.  You may vote once for EACH category.

a) beet seedlings

b) potatoes in bloom

c) looking at the new high tunnel

d) the melon patch

e) the Faux mountain range

f) high tunnel peaking


  1. I like the seedling picture and the other are good too, but I can't ignore the Faux mountain range.

  2. e) the Faux mountain range

  3. This one was easy. Every vote went to the Faux Mountain Range....


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