Monday, May 31, 2010

Digits, Specifically TOES

Today, we'd like to talk about TOES. Two kinds in particular:
  • Tomay
  • Potay
Thanks to help from various individuals - we have been able to broadfork the potato rows. This helps loosen the soil. It is our belief that it helps the potato plants and actually is an early season effort that reduces labor later on the farm. We can get into that more later. In any event, the rows are broadforked and tilled. We have planted 2/3 of the taters we intend to put in for the season. Is it late? Not terribly. We have planted potatoes as late as June 15 and gotten a fine crop. We usually do not intend to harvest potatoes until September anyway - so this should work out fine.

And, thanks to some help from our family - we got alot of the tomatoes in today. Again, about 2/3 of the plants are in the ground. Interesting to note that the plants this year are actually BIGGER than they have been any prior year. And, we haven't done too many things differently. It is looking like it could be a very good year for them.

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