Sunday, May 16, 2010

Slooooow Mooooootion....

Once again, R takes his Sundays away from the farm with T's (conditional) blessing and goes forth to pretend like he can play baseball. It's a good thing I've always had a good imagination.

We were missing some people, so I *got* to play in left field. We play ball in Newton, so it is a bit of a drive. But, it is the town I grew up in and played ball in - so I know the fields. And, I KNOW that I don't like the sight lines in left field on the bigger field. There are these wonderful pine trees for background. And, like most trees, they have spots where you can see the sky through them. the result for many fly balls is that you get a strobe affect as you attempt to track the ball. Frankly, I find it to be less than helpful.

I was also allowed to toss the ball from the hill in the middle of the field towards the guy with a mask behind the pentagon shaped plate. I say toss somewhat facetiously since it is more normal for me to attempt to throw the ball every bit of 55 mph that I can. Oh, wait, that IS a toss. sorry about that.

In any event, many people can refer to scenes in many movies that involve sports of any kind where they slow the motion down - either for dramatic or comedic effect. It's sad when they try for one and get the other however.

I had one of those today. Ball is tossed towards guy with mask. Offensive person with a club swings at ball I have tossed and hits it. The world slooooooooooooooows down. It's one of those plays where the ball hits the plate area and hops up to my right side. Since it isn't particularly well hit, I know already that I have to get to it for any hope of an out. Usually, when the world slows down in a movie - the play will get made. I was seriously hoping for the director to yell cut when the ball got past me. No such luck.

Ok, granted it wasn't going to be an easy play. But, I feel cheated that my dramatic/comedic movie slow down resulted in a cheap infield hit. I want a new pitching category for script writer errors!

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