Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Which Came First?

Our laying flock of hens is producing well enough. Not really hitting on all cylinders (so to speak) but we still pull in around 2 dozen a day.

We collect eggs in the 18-hole cartons and bring them to a refrigerator in the garage. They reside there until we have time for an egg cleaning session. You can see what one batch of eggs to clean might look like below:

It takes a little bit of time to clean them - but that's just part of the deal when you have birds.

Some of our hens are Ameracaunas. They range in coloration and will lay green or pink eggs. They have not been the best producers for us - but the birds are fun. One of these birds has feathers in the cheek area that look a little like jowels. She had a foot injury a while a go, so moves a little slower. But, she does well enough. We've decided to call her Nixon.

Meanwhile, there is the Barnyard Supervisor. Bob has been our rooster for two and a half years now (really?). He was not feeling like posing for the camera because his comb has not yet fully recovered from Winter. Once it comes back in full, I'm sure he will pose.

We run our laying flock on what is called a "day range" system. The birds are closed into a 'safe' room at night and let out in the morning to run in a fenced in pasture. The pasture area is largely grass & clover with a few fruit trees. Of course, some of the hens find their way out of the pasture every day and check out the yard area in front of the barn. It gets annoying - but evidently not enough to get me to redo all the fences in their pasture.

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  1. I love the pics!! Thanks for letting me meet the "staff" who provides our lovely eggs :)


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