Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Market of Spring

We set up for our first farmers' market of Spring with the Waverly Farmers' Market on May 1st.

Unlike many first markets, the weather was beautiful. Mostly clear with bright sunshine. A bit more of a cool wind than was entirely comfortable for the vendors who had to stand in it for 4 hours, but hard to complain when you know what it COULD have been like.

The interesting difference for us this year is that the Waverly Farmers' Market was hosted by the Health Fair at the W this year. We set up outside the northeast doors and had the option of moving inside if the weather turned ugly. What a nice situation to have!

On the whole, we felt this was an excellent opportunity to remind members of the community that we do, indeed, have a farmers' market in town. And, yes, we like it when customers visit us!

The vendors were prepared for this market and had a very diverse set of wares available. The traffic at our tables was good and we all felt that the event was a success.

If you have not become a regular at the Waverly Farmers' Market, we encourage you to consider becoming one. The vendor pool is growing and the existing vendors are getting better at having good product available throughout the season. But, this increase in available product can only continue if the demand also continues to grow. There is nothing more demoralizing than working hard to raise quality foods and having a poor market for that product.

Keep coming - make suggestions - talk to the vendors about what you might like to see. There is energy to continue improving our market - keep fueling it with your enthusiasm for fresh, local products.

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