Friday, May 7, 2010

The Mississippi in early Spring

Recent travels took us up to River Falls, Wisconsin so T could present at and attend the Sustainability Conference being held on the campus there.

Both the drive up and back was during beautiful weather and we took the time on the return trip to treat ourselves to some excellent Wisconsin cheese curds. Yep, it's nice to get EXTREMELY fresh cheese curds from Ellsworth, WI. Might be worth a special trip just for that in the future.

We also made sure to take some back roads and enjoy the rolling hills. Once we got to the Mississippi River, we broke out the camera in an effort to catch something interesting. In particular, we were hopeful that the bald eagles we saw while we were IN the vehicle might come by while we were OUT of the vehicle.

While that didn't happen - we did come across an interesting shot or two.

First, it's always nice to have signs to instruct us. Otherwise, we might have had a problem getting started again.

Otherwise, the textures one finds before everything greens up and the reflections in the calm backwater provided for some decent opportunities.

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