Monday, May 17, 2010

Farm Report

I think a quick farm report is due.

  1. The tiller attachment on the tractor is in the shop. The timing isn't horrible since fields have been too wet to till. But, it does mean some serious work has to be crammed into the 2nd half of May. We realized that this tiller attachment is not likely designed for the 5 acres of 'garden' we grow. It probably has more hours on it than most tillers of this sort get in a lifetime.
  2. Thanks to Dad, we now have several heavy-duty cold frames in which we can put plants. The up side - these are unlikely to blow away or beat on the plants. The down side - they hold fewer trays in each. We're learning how to take advantage of them though. Either way, they are an excellent addition. We'll try to get a picture out there eventually.
  3. The old hog building that has been down for a few summers is getting cleaned up and wood is being salvaged. We'll try to take some pictures of that as well.
  4. The meat chickens are doing well in their 2nd (entering their 3rd) week. Starting to see wing feathers, which means they will begin getting some outdoor time.
  5. In the ground - planting 1 of peas, broccoli, lettuce, radish, carrot, spinach, arugula, beet, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, kale, kohlrabi
  6. Cover crops are in a couple of plots. The plan calls for alot more work with them this year.
  7. Looks like we'll have a decent iris bloom this year. Nothing like a few years ago - but I don't expect we'll ever see that again.
  8. The tomato plants have a little bit of sun scalding on them, but they grow through that pretty well. It's what happens when you start hardening them off and you have cool, wet and cloudy weather - then they see the sun for the first time.
  9. Tomato transplanting is nearly done. The peppers and eggplants are now in line. We always wonder (especially T) if this process will end.
  10. The dandelion bloom is past its peak now. We've learned to kind of like these plants. They do some good things for the soil. But, they are a pain post bloom.
  11. As is expected in any of our lists - this one goes to eleven.

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