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Best Medicine 2017

A "year in review" of humor in the blog was started back in 2009.  We're not sure how many people enjoy it, but the farmer has fun with it - so that will be enough.  There are two categories.  Line of the Year may appear in any type of post.  Needless to say, it may actually encompass more than one sentence/line.  Hey, it's our blog, we can use whatever rules we want!  Post of the year was selected for the perceived entertainment value.  Of course, entertainment value is subjective.  And, since the farmer and his lovely bride were the only two judges, you can feel free to comment and correct our flawed insight!  

If you wish to read any of the posts that have been highlighted here, feel free to take the links provided.

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CATEGORY: Line of the Year

Honorable Mention - Line of the Year
 "Yes, yes... we get the irony that the melon with the word "Emerald" in the name doesn't have green flesh.  Look - we doesn't names 'em, we just grows 'em."
from Heirloom Melons - 5 Years Later, December 14

"I also suspect they take great pleasure in getting the farmers to do a double take as they zip around trying to get their work done.  Maybe they are a little bit vain, laughing quietly to themselves as they notice us nearly trip as we try to get from here to there quickly while still wanting to get a second glance at what they are doing now."
from Grand Iris Tour of 2017,  June 17

"This may come as a surprise to some, but plants grow in the soil.  And, when it rains, the aforementioned soil becomes mud.  Some of that mud adheres to the fruit we harvest.  It's a thing.....Really."
from Raining Cats and Dogs, September 26

 from Humble Pie, August 27

"I still find myself stopping and being confused 25 feet SHORT of the end of the row in Valhalla because my internal measurements say I should be finished with the row by then.  It actually gets worse - I get confused in Eden now too because the rows are shorter than they should be. Ah! The life of a farmer - always confusing."
from Time Capsule, December 18

"Others who work in education can probably relate to this.  After all, the approach of the end of a term that also coincides with preparations for holidays at the end of the year is always on the edge of frantic.  We won't say WHICH side of frantic it lands on.  But, it isn't the side where sanity usually lies."
from Baby, It's Cold Outside,  December 25

"Well, I've got fence posts up for a permanent fence for the turkey pasture.  But, clearly, there is no fence there, so we're using a portable electric netting fence immediately to one side of the permanent 'not quite a fence.' "
from A Walk on the Absurd Side, September 14

Runner Up - Line of the Year

"Meanwhile, we get visits every 28 days from the Moon.  Who else can say that?  We're pretty special, huh?
What?  What do you mean the Moon visits you too?  Wha? "
from Cast of Characters, August 25

Winner - Line of the Year
 "Rob gave them a list of things to do "if it didn't rain" and "if it did rain."  He failed to give them one "if the heavens opened up and dumped never-ending buckets of water onto the farm."
from Storm Front, July 28
CATEGORY: Post of the Year

Honorable Mentions - Post of the Year
"Every VAP has a set of chores that are common to nearly every day of the farm.  They don't usually need to be written out much more than something that looks like this:
T, H, H, N - W F
Translation: Turks, Hens, Henlets, Nuggest - Water, Food

Why even bother writing anything?  Well, if you have to ask, you aren't a list maker."
from VAP Revisited, May 27

The saw is plugged in, right?
from Nota Conference - Seriously, January 31

"Tammy went to check the room the morning after we moved the turklets and found this rat stuck and unable to get out of its predicament.  Queen Boss Tammy's wrath resulted in the smiting of said rat and it is no more."
 from Rats in Your Room, July 15

Runner Up - Post of the Year
All I said was, "Look! A snake!"
"What would you give to get Rob to STOP writing these silly blog posts.  Perhaps we need a KickStopper campaign?"
from Better Late Than Never, April 2

Winner - Post of the Year

"It does seem to us that sports broadcasters are working way too hard to say something special about a player or team with statistics.  Things like 'this is the first time a player who went to middle school in Walla Walla, Washington swung at a third pitch in an at-bat since last week.'"
from Things Farm Records Are Made Of,

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