Thursday, April 2, 2020


A couple of nice days and some good workers and viola - the farm house is now officially 'covered!'

As has been the case for any other house rehab project, there were some 'discovered' additional needs that have been addressed or still need to be addressed.  There were some foundation issues behind the brick facade that had once been under the front porch.  We've addressed the worst of it, but there is a bit more to do.

And, if you take a quick look at the portico (that little roof structure over the door on the left) and compare it to the picture below you might be able to notice a difference or two.
We knew it was sagging a bit and in need of a little adjusting.  What we did NOT know was that it was being held up by flashing, a couple of nails and the physics of the diagonal boards that support it.  I was *walking on that thing* as I worked to tear off the old siding.  Eeek.

If you go back to the newer picture, you might notice that the portico is squarer and not leaning forward quite so much.  Nice work, Duncans!

Wednesday was a special day for us because we took the last of the pile of old siding away from the house.  There is still more clean-up to do, but it isn't the big stuff.  I will say that neither of us is really looking forward to cleaning out the perennial flower beds around the house.  There will be plenty of nails, etc that we'll be encountering during that process.  We have some metal to put in the recycling pile and the scaffolding needs to get put away.  Other than that, we just wait until weather warms so we can do all of the caulking, touch-up and window painting / maintenance.

Oh.. and do some of the other 'discovered' things too.  What'd you expect?  It's an old farmhouse!

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