Wednesday, April 8, 2020

It's Gonna Be a Good Day

One of the things we like about Spring at the Genuine Faux Farm are the returns of some of our favorite bird songs in the morning.  No, we are not referencing the crowing of our rooster or the squawking the hens make.  Though if you view/listen to the following youtube videos you will likely hear a bit of that too.

Our first video features the cardinal that was quite visible UNTIL Rob got the camera going to record the song AND the bird.  Well, at least we got the song.  Turn the volume up to hear.

One of the songs Tammy and I love is the morning/evening song of the American Robin.  It feels to us as if the Robin is telling us it is going to be (or was) a good day.  There are worms to catch and nests to build!

You will also hear some sparrows chirping away in the foreground.  Inspector gets a couple of 'meows' in as well.  After all, he wants to be fed.  And, of course, the rooster chimes in.  You'll just have to pay attention to hear the 'good day' song of the Robin.  Maybe we'll do better with a recording later on.

Thank you Mr. Robin.  Here's to a good day.

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