Tuesday, April 28, 2020

This is the Title, Read the Content

I thought the whole point of a title was to entice people to READ the content.  Apparently, many individuals feel that the title is ALL you need to read.  I suspect this has always been the case because humans do love 'easy' and they also like to rapidly put things into the boxes they've created to organize their world.  This is very apparent with the number of people who will comment on social media based on ONLY the title. 

If you have actually taken the time to OPEN this blog post, congratulations!  You're doing more to figure out what this blog is about than most individuals who saw the original link!

Is It Better if You At Least Read Headings?
I found this interesting study that used eye tracking to assess what people read when they are given an online article to view.  The basic findings were that people tended to read the sub-title (98%), the title (97%) and...
Fewer people read captions (91%)...
This area of research is not new.  The Nielsen/Norman Group has been researching the question for thirteen years and they report consistent findings regarding the patterns people follow when reading online material.  In short, we do not read online content.  At best, we skim it.  And, you wondered why the 'dunning' letters that try to get you to donate money use one or (maybe) two lines per paragraph, lots of bullets and lots of bold and italic?  It is because studies on reading behaviors, in general, tell us we need to adopt those practices if we want to make any impression on persons who are not already committed to reading the content (for whatever reason).

What Will We Do Next in This Post?
This is a heading that breaks all of the rules!  It doesn't tell you what the content that follows is going to cover so you can move on to the next heading.  Oh... so terrible of me!  Hm... so what was I going to talk about here?

We have broccoli stubble in the field to remove!
A Beautiful Weekend to Work at the Genuine Faux Farm
This past weekend featured some gorgeous weather and improved soil conditions so the two of us could do some much needed work on the farm.

We were blessed with beautiful skies and interesting clouds.
The plan was to clean out the Eastern plots on Saturday.  We'd already pulled all of the old drip tape, but we knew we should hunt around in case any stakes were lying in the weeds.  How many of you misread that to say 'snakes in the weeds?  Well, even if you didn't, I almost typed it!  We did find a couple of stakes and we also found a snake.  So, it's all good.
Oh, look!  No more broccoli stubble!
The camera did not come out during Sunday's work.  Rob spent time trying to create a new swale (ditch).  This is the first step toward our plan to raise up our growing areas AND create places for excess water to go.  It is going to be a slow and tedious process, but we are committed to doing it.  Tammy started cleaning the Southwest plot and the nearby asparagus plot.  Guess what she found?

A snake?!  Well, yes.  And a stake?  Yes. 

But, she also found a few small spears of asparagus!

The Barn Is Less Than It Was

Hm... that looks different.
The strong winds this Spring have resulted in the entire Western portion of the barn finally giving up.  It's been a while coming and I have to admit we're past grieving the loss of this old building.  In some ways, this is a relief.  While there is still some danger in trying to clean this up, it is now possible with tools we possess to do some of that work now.

And now, you have read a blog post that had no particular theme and broke several of the rules that it should follow if we wanted engagement in our post.  It's awful, I know.  But, I am sure we'll all get over it.


  1. Thanks for posting, say hi to the snakes!

    1. The snakes are waving their tongues at you in greeting!
      The stakes, on the other hand, don't appear to have tongues.


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