Friday, April 17, 2020

Peaceful Visions

I have read that some people find it calming to think of place and time that you felt safe, secure and at peace.  I am hopeful that everyone has some memory or experience they can go to.  Failing that, I can hope that those who have overly tumultuous lives can use their imagination effectively and create that place and time.

Here are a couple to try out.

Snow Muffler
The camera comes out in the Winter whenever we have a hoarfrost.  This is especially true if we have also just had a recent snow.  One such event happened several years ago.  We had a snow that covered things with a light blanket.  There was no wind and the night brought about the hoarfrost.  The next morning was gray, with leaden, heavy skies.  No wind stirred the new snowflakes and the hoarfrost clung to every surface it could find.

It was cold, but we really didn't feel it.  Footsteps in the snow were muffled - yet they were the loudest thing our ears were detecting.  It was almost as if all of nature was holding its breath, as if it was stunned to see how good it looked in this new garment.

Close Up
Bleeding Hearts were probably one of my first introductions to a perennial flower.  A very large, nice example resided on the north side of our house in Newton.  Bleeding Hearts can be very attractive plants for a good part of the season if they are placed in the right location.  When they bloom, they can certainly add a nice splash of color to the landscape.  But, you are missing something if you don't take a moment to get up close and personal with one of these plants when they are in bloom.

Sometimes, I would go sit next to the plant and just observe the shape and texture of these flowers.  Each flower was incredibly soft, yet quite sturdy.  The fine details of each bloom were captivating - encouraging my mind to be at peace with the world.

I am not sure a picture of a kitten is entirely peaceful.  And, yet, this picture of Bree as a kitten reminds me both of how small she was then and how much wonder there is in the world.  There is so much in this world to see and explore... even in your own home.  Sometimes it takes the exploration of the young to remind us how to find things that ignite curiosity and wonder.

Washing Away Worry

Tammy and I are both attracted to waterfalls.  Obviously, the natural beauty is part of what leads us to find and observe them.  There is constant motion and sound, of course.  But, there is also consistency of motion and sound, that becomes soothing if you allow it to become so.  Sometimes, I can imagine that water cleaning out the rubbish left by worries in my mind and crushing it at the base of the falls.  The remains are then carried downstream - banished for a time from my memories.

The Value of an Individual
I am sure anyone who knows me will not be surprised to see yet another flower here.  In this case, it is a Columbine.  The flowers for these plants are also wonderfully complex in their form, holding two different sets of petals that have surprisingly different shapes.  Columbines are covered by a solid flush of blooms for about ten days on our farm.  Then, they rapidly fade.

I am reminded of the beauty of the community of flowers on each plant at peak bloom, but I am also reminded of the beauty of each individual flower when I allow myself to enjoy them.

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