Friday, July 24, 2020


The sunflowers are starting to show off on the farm now.  They are so bold and proud, holding their heads up above everything else in the field.  Kind of like the tall kid in the back who never did get to sit in the front row because he would block everyone else's view of the movie.

Sunflowers make me think of people, past and present, who don't tend to put themselves out in front of others as if they were important.  And, yet, there they are, standing head and shoulders above everyone else simply because of who they are.  A person of integrity who comports themselves with calm, comforting dignity.

Sunflowers can be larger than life.  Their stems are tough and thick - seemingly indestructible.

Until they fall in a windstorm.  Or are beaten by hail.

It's at that moment I remember that those strong, resilient and quietly competent people are human too.  They can struggle and they can fall.  And it should be you and me who need to be ready to pick them up when they need it. 

photo by B Zenk July 2020

And maybe, just maybe, we'll have our turn to be the sunflower.

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