Friday, August 7, 2020

Guest Phauxtos

We were honored to have Tammy's sister and niece (Brenda and Nicole) reside on the farm with us for a period of time this Summer and we were gifted with a few pictures that they took while they were here.  It is always interesting to see the perspectives people show when they are the ones taking the pictures.  So, I thought I would share a few of the pictures and write a bit about each one.

Who knows where this will go?  But, I suspect it will be fun for someone... just not sure who!

Borage is a flowering herb we have long enjoyed at the farm.  They are a very bee friendly plant, they bloom for an extended period of time.  And... they are great companions for vine crops in particular.  

On the negative side of things, these plants can easily be toppled by a windstorm and the plants do not always provide a perfect appearance if you are looking for beauty over function.  It just so happens that we are more interested in function because that is where we see so much of their beauty.  They attract pollinators and provide habitat for critters such as cucumber frog and the various 'shelob' spiders we like to see in our gardens.  

In prior blogs, I have also shown my own close up pictures of borage flowers.  It is good to see someone else who notices that each of these flowers is their own work of art.  You want beauty?  Look close at these flowers and you will find it.  I don't think our appreciation of these flowers is misplaced.

We take pictures of our chickens more "in passing" than anything.  I can think of one time in particular when I actually decided to try for a 'nice' shot of chickens.  And, for the record, it worked out pretty well.  In fact, we've used a couple of those pictures in our blogs and other material for some time.  

But, we always underestimate exactly how much people who do not live on the farm will gravitate toward the chickens.  It's true, when they are content and are not worried about who is in which nest box, they can be pretty relaxing.  But, when you are the people responsible for the bird chores each and every day... it can be a bit more difficult to stop and see the hens from this sort of perspective.

In short, it was nice to have someone come and take some pictures of the ladies without being in a rush to get from one place to another while doing chores.  

This picture, in particular, is striking because it really shows off the combs on these white hens.  That sort of hairdo would be the envy of all in the mosh pit!

We will close with a picture that I am in.  Ok.  That's my hand.

The focus of the photo is, of course, the Inspector.  We will leave it to you to decide.  Is this dignified?  

You could say 'no' with the logic that no self-respecting feline would allow himself to have a belly-rub without also threatening to take a chunk out of the hand that offers it.

You could also say 'yes' because only a cat who is secure with his place in the universe could look so darned happy to be getting a belly-rub.

I asked the Inspector his opinion.  His response was to just crank up the purrs.  I will also leave that up to you to interpret as you see fit.

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