Tuesday, August 25, 2020




What would you do if the Genuine Faux Farm blog had nothing posted on any given day?

You would go about your day and do what you do - minus maybe a couple of moments that some few of you use to read the blog.   

Today was very nearly such a day.  And, in fact, some of you might argue that today IS that day.  After all - a post with a giant tomato at the top that is published nearly two hours after most of our posts have been published on a nearly daily basis.  How in the world can this qualify?  How will the world cope with my tardy and imperfect offering?

It will cope the same way it copes on the days an on-time and slightly less imperfect offering from yours truly shows up here.  It's amazing how many things have more than one sharp edge to them.  It is both re-assuring and disconcerting that the appearance of a daily blog from one farmer in northeast Iowa is really not that important in the grand scheme.

On the other hand, a nice one and a half pound Gold Medal tomato from Eden's (one of our high tunnels) plants IS something of consequence.  We put a single Gold Medal plant into the high tunnel because we both love this variety.  It is one of the sweetest tomatoes and is excellent for sandwiches.  Because of the large size of the fruit, there tend to be very few of them per plant, which is part of the reason we do not typically put this particular variety into the high tunnel.  But, this year, we committed to growing nearly all of our tomatoes in the high tunnel after realizing our outdoor tomatoes were just going to be unable to fight through dicamba issues.

So there it is - the most perfect Gold Medal tomato we have seen in a few years.  Celebrate the tomato... and celebrate a daily blog from the Genuine Faux Farm.

Then go about your day.  I hope it is a good one.


  1. I would totally eat that tomato. I appreciate what you do and Texas tomatoes have nothing on you guys.

    1. Well, I will have to admit that Texas has some growing conditions that would make it difficult to grow the kinds of tomatoes we grow here. But, if I lived there, I would still try!


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