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Best Medicine 2018

A "year in review" of humor in the blog was started back in 2009.  We're not sure how many people enjoy it, but the farmer has fun with it - so that will be enough.  There are two categories.  Line of the Year may appear in any type of post.   Post of the year was selected for the perceived entertainment value.  Of course, entertainment value is subjective.  And, since the farmer and his lovely bride were the only two judges, you can feel free to comment and correct our flawed insight!  

If you wish to read any of the posts that have been highlighted here, feel free to take the links provided.

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Line of the Year Category

The following is from the, "let's sneak a good line into the middle of a serious post" subcategory.

Rob: "It's time for plan D."
Crew Member: "What's plan D?"
Rob: "There is no plan D.  So, let's do this..." 

From Man with the Plan, June 23

Occasionally, we'll put something worthwhile in a post as a caption.  In short, our captions can be captivating.  Especially if there are cats.
This is what it looks like when you've had enough and you're just daring someone to cross that line one more time.
From What It Looks Like When, August 20

Proof once again that if you don't read ALL of our posts, you might miss a gem or two.  Ok, I think these are gems.  I have an inflated sense of... of... something.  Maybe it's the beans I had for dinner?

Neither of us has ever said, "Boy howdy!  I'd really like to do some routine maintenance on our small engines.  And, while I am at it, I would really ENJOY making a few repairs as well!"  Of course, that's because neither of us is prone to saying "Boy howdy!" 
From Mekanikle Ineptitude, April 26

And, I still think I should put the word "Poo" in the title of all of our blog posts to increase traffic.

Since I am supposed to be a professional farmer, I should use the word "manure."  If you want to sound professional and evasive at the same time, you can refer to it as "soil amendments" or "added fertility."  But, since I am ALSO a person who is amused by wordplay and general silliness, we're still going to use the word "poo" just because... it's our blog and I CAN.
From, The Blessings of Poo, August 12
We realize the category is "Line of the Year," but sometimes the line needs set-up.
We tuck the little plants in each evening and let them out to play once the temperature in the building reaches levels they might enjoy.  It does the heart good to see six inch tall tomatoes and three inch tall pepper plants running around having a good time. Ok.  They really just sit there.  Sometimes, we put them in a cart and pull them around just so they can see some different things.  They are young and they should see the world before they put down roots.
What? We want them to be happy.

From There's No Snow? , April 27
Things that make you say, "Hmmmmmmmm."
I say "hmmmmm" fairly often on the farm, actually.  The humming birds have threatened to sue me because I keep using their catch-phrase, but they failed to copyright it, so I think I'm still in the clear.
From Perspectives, August 26
And then, there are times when we get a little bit of help.
When it was revealed that one such chinjury was caused by the trim on some object I started humming a familiar tune to myself.
Trim chinjury, trim chinjury, trim chin cheroooooo!
From Meal-time Humor, August 24
And our 2018 LINE OF THE YEAR
"Look, that's the second scale operator your tiger has eaten this week.  If you can't control your pet, we just can't weigh it for you anymore."
From Sayings That Might Be Better Unsaid, September 3

Post of the Year Category

Mom ALWAYS makes the list!

We didn't need "take the deck off the lawn tractor, clean it off, get a new belt, take the old one off and put the new one on and while you are at it lube the spindles, sharpen the blades and tell your Mother you love her!"

Ok, "tell your Mother you love her" should always be on the list.  Hi Mom!
From, Big Deal, July 3

And cats usually make the list!

This is what it looks like when the cat population wants to stage a protest.  They execute what is known as a "sit on."
From What It Looks Like When III, November 10

Our April Fools Post ALWAYS makes this list

It looked neat until I realized I was still relying on wheels.  In disgust, I cut off the power to the shop vacs.  So.... about those shop vacs I borrowed.
From When Your Calendar's A Day Late, April 2

Turkeys only make lists as we approach Thanksgiving (or so it seems)

After the third time that it managed to go in entirely the WRONG direction I found myself forcefully saying, "YOU TURKEY!!!!"

I stopped moving.  The turkey stopped moving.  We looked at each other.  I could swear I could see it thinking, "Yes.  That's me.  What do you want?"
From Captain Obvious, October 28

We have to give this post Runner Up Status for 2018, just eeking out over the April Fools post.
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From Remembering Half of It, July 7
But, Crazy Maurice wins with this year's POST OF THE YEAR for 2018

I don't mind Hansel and Gretel (the Austrian Pines), but I have a harder time communicating with the conifers.  They just don't get the whole dropping leaves thing that we deciduous trees do.
From Crazy Maurice - His Two Cents Worth, September 16

Give Crazy Maurice (our willow tree) some love and visit his full blog post!  For that matter, give us some love and visit and share some of the other blog posts linked here!  You'll get a laugh or three and maybe learn something in the process.  Even if that thing you learn is that our sense of humor is a bit out of whack!

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