Saturday, January 9, 2021


We continue with our 2020 review with our November posts that were selected by the 'editorial staff' at the Genuine Faux Farm.  We hope that you are enjoying this opportunity to catch up by reading some of the material we think was some of our best for the year.  Or - if you already enjoyed them once, you can go back and re-read a favorite.  OR - at the very least you can chuckle or admire the short excerpts we selected for each post.

Yes, I know.  "Admire" just might be a bit strong of a word choice there.  But, I really WANTED to include the word "admire" in one of my posts this week.  Now I have to write a whole post using the word "admire" in it to make up for this bit of over-reach!

We'll start you out with a post where we mused a bit about people's tendency to take 'selfies' and our tendency to take... well... whatever it is we do.

Selfie-ish  - You see, our selfies tend to turn out this way.  Someone told me we get them "ALL WRONG" and mentioned something about pointing the camera the wrong way.   I of course, think they're just goofy.  How can you see what you're taking a picture of if you point the camera the other way?   That's just silliness, you know!

November hosts Thanksgiving.  We like Thanksgiving because it reminds us to reflect and be grateful for all that we have experienced.  It shouldn't be a shock that some of our best November posts head that direction!

Gentle Reminder - We are the helpers.  We are placed where we are most needed.  Even when we are feeling lost or hopeless, we know that we will do what it takes to aid those who need it.

What I've Learned About Giving Thanks  - I think it is mistake to think that miracles are something that happen TO us.  Instead, I think we might be better off if we consider miracles something we plant and nurture until they reach their full power and strength.  

November is also election month, which brings about no small amount of introspection from the farmer.  That, and our farming season really starts to shut down and we start to really think about where we have been and where we are going. 

Missing: Teamwork - Building a life is a long game - but sometimes we need some shorter games to help us see progress.

Echo Chamber - I pull the door open on its slides, revealing a dark room that smells of old hay and dirt.  The door rolls shut behind me and I am alone.  When I speak, I hear only myself or things that sound like me.  There are whispers that encourage me to be my worst self. 

And sometimes, there are blog posts that are a bit more personal in nature.  It seems that some people find these more entertaining than many of my other efforts.  This is a good thing - because it encourages me to offer up a diverse set of things.  And, you all know how much we like diversity on our farm!

Quiet - Anyway, there are some things that seem to be true for most of us - I can't be sure of this, because we don't talk together to compare notes ( Hey.  That was an 'introvert joke.'  If you are an introvert you may now indulge in a quiet inner smile.  If you are not, you may continue to be confused.)

Morning to Twilight - Our first bookshelves were hand made... by us...  with a hammer, a handsaw and a little sandpaper.  The wood was some slightly bowed pine and we had a box of nails.  Let's just say it wasn't fine furniture once we had completed the task.  We had to put one in the corner and the other next to an old desk so they wouldn't fall over.  

 --------------AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION----------

Thank you for reading!  Once again, if you are so inclined - tell me which of these November posts were your favorite.  While you are at it - which of the pictures shown on this blog do you like best?  If you are not, that is also fine.  I just hope you enjoyed a quick "look in the mirror."


  1. You were more advanced in your bookshelf making efforts. We just put boards across a pile of bricks or a cement block!

    1. Ah... Well, we certainly considered that option, but we wanted to move towards "fine" furniture....


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