Saturday, January 16, 2021

A Decent December

Saturdays are good days to catch up on some reading, so I thought I'd move the next installment of 'best of' posts for 2020 to this Saturday!  Well, it made sense at the time.  

Once again, I offer up what the editor and writer of this blog (that would be... ahem... me) came up with for best posts in December of 2020.  Part of the rules were that I could not include PAN cross-posted blogs, Postal History Sunday entries and any throwback posts I re-worked.  In some ways, those rules remove some awfully good reading (my opinion), but you have to draw the line somewhere.   

However, if you just noticed - I didn't really draw the line.  I just provided you with links to ALL of the posts that fit those topics so you can go read those too!  Maybe you just wanted to do some reading while drinking hot chocolate today?  Or, if you are in Australia, you would prefer a colder beverage.  You choose what you want to drink and you can choose what you want to read!  

My, what a friendly blog we run here!

I figured I could start you off with a couple of posts that are more informational.  Well, ok, the first is very informational and still worth a read to see what organizations we appreciate with Iowa ties and connections to environmental concerns.  The second is yet another attempt to explain why we feel organic farming is the way to go.

End of Year Giving - What we can say is that, in our opinion, all of these organizations would be worthy of your attention.  Read on for some of our opinions and experiences regarding each.

Why Certified Organic? - we still reap rewards when Mr. Bunting sings, the Bull Snake slithers by and Cucumber Frog jumps and startles us.  We see the benefits when green beans taste fantastic and the fresh spinach is heaped on our plates.  Why do we grow organic?  We do it for us. And we do it for nature. And we do it for you. 

I was pretty pleased with this pair of posts that were unveiled right around Christmas. Apparently, many people liked them as well as they both got a bit more traffic than many of the posts on the Genuine Faux Farm blog do.  I like them enough that I re-read them just to set my mind straight this morning.

Gifts Left on the Table - Let me remind me (and you) that each year we live is a gift that needs to be opened and enjoyed for what it is - and that includes 2020. 

Gifts Unwrapped - But, we slowed down enough this year to actually watch... the.... moon... rise.  We stopped walking to the next chore and we watched.

And, the best of the rest!  In case you had not noticed, I have included a short excerpt from each post.  Maybe they will give you a flavor and you can decide what you might like to read (if any) on this fine day!

Monday Karma   - I was trying to talk myself (and others) into realizing that Monday is, in part, a state of mind.  And, if that's the case, we have the ability to change how we see it.  Hopefully, if we change how we see it, we can then change how the day goes - for the better.

Less Time to Do It All In - With temperatures dropping, we can't expect to be able to do this much longer.  But, if this is all I manage to move this season, I won't be too unhappy.  That's actually saying something when you have less time to do it all in.

Winter's Flair - Spring makes it easy to like her, but Ol' Man Winter?   He can be pretty cranky, but he's got a pretty good artistic flair when he wants to show it. 

-----------------Audience Participation----------------------

As with the others, I welcome feedback on posts you liked the best, photos you liked best or just... well... feedback.  The current goal is to keep writing at this pace for the next two to three months.  Then we'll see where the world is and where my head is.  As long as it feels like this is a gift that I am willing to give and you are happy to receive, I'll keep at it.


  1. The Monday reminder was much needed- thank you.

    1. As always, you are very welcome. :)


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