Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Winter's Flair

There are those that love Winter and those that do not.  I have to admit that there are times I love Winter and times when I clearly do not.  For example, after today's deliveries of eggs, poultry and veg to wonderful people, I admit to feeling a little less excited about it.  That tends to happen when the winds are brisk and it cuts through whatever you wear.

Once we got home and got the truck emptied we put on some Christmas music and played a couple of games.  After that I was suddenly feeling a bit more charitable towards the long nights and cool days.

The two of us managed to get the garlic covered in straw mulch this morning - a task we have just been putting off.  It only took us an hour and a half - which made us wonder why we delayed.  

The answer is actually pretty easy.  We used to plant three times the garlic we put in this year, maybe more.  The process of mulching was a MUCH bigger task in years prior than it is this year.  But, the memory of how large the task is has not been modified to match the new scale.  

Straw mulching is not one of my favorite tasks.  There is just enough dust to get my asthma going a bit and there is always a couple pieces of straw that go down the back of your shirt or... other places....

Delivery day always has a host of things to do that take odd lengths of time.  In other words, they can be difficult days to navigate.  Today was a bit easier because we both stepped away from our non-farm jobs.  There were eggs to clean, sweet potatoes to bag, garlic to weight out and other orders to fill.

We tossed in some tire repair and brush cleanup to make the day full.

At the end of the day, I took the time to look at more of the frost pictures from a couple of days ago.

Now I am feeling a bit more fond of Winter.  

Spring makes it easy to like her, but Ol' Man Winter?   He can be pretty cranky, but he's got a pretty good artistic flair when he wants to show it.

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