Thursday, December 10, 2020

Meteor Shower Deleted!

I sometimes wish I was quicker with pulling out my notepad and pen when amusing things get said or done around the farm.  Given the right mood, the two of us have the ability to take discussions in all sorts of absurdly wonderful directions and I sometimes wish I could remember them well enough to report them and then play with them further on the blog.  After all, if they amused us, won't they amuse you? (ok - don't answer that one - you don't want to hurt our feelings do you?)

Why don't I remember them, you might ask?  

Well, if you fall into a giggle fit, your brains fall right out of your ears and you have a case of temporary amnesia. 

However, I do remember one specific conversation that started with the observation that we could see the stars.  This discussion was particularly noteworthy because it had been very cloudy for some time AND it was forecast to continue to be cloudy.  To top it off, temperatures were forecast to be higher than usual in mid-December.  Sadly, the sun was not forecast to show itself during the daytime hours and the couple of moments we were going to get of clear skies was 9:00 at night - the very moment we were having this discussion.  Not helpful when you were hoping for some sunshine to do outdoor tasks.  

After the expected and understandable lament that we would have liked a few moments of sun versus the continual fog, drizzle and overcast/cloudy skies during the day, Tammy mentioned the fact that there was supposed to be a meteor shower at some point during this week.  But...


Ooops, you missed one.

This is one of those cases where I know Tammy heard what she was saying.  She just wanted to get to the point sooner without all of the connections that get a person from point A to point B.  I mean, I DID understand that she was referencing an email she deleted that had the INFORMATION about the meteor shower.

But, WHY would you want to let something like that go?  I mean, she just said "There's supposed to be a meteor shower at some point this week, but I deleted it."

We didn't let it go - we had fun with it.

So, for everyone out there who was hoping to see a meteor shower recently.  You didn't see it because Tammy DELETED the meteor shower.  It had nothing to do with incessant cloud cover.  So there!

Rob was particularly disappointed because he felt it was about time to take a shower.  So, if the next time you see him and you feel that he is stinking up the place - blame Tammy.  She deleted the shower he was going to take.

I don't care if she deleted it, take a shower anyway!  I, the Sandman, have spoken.

For those who have interest in things like meteor showers, Tammy gets email posts from the Space Weather site.   But, remember, don't delete emails about meteor showers, that will make Rob stinky.


ed note: this post is an edited version of a blog that was originally posted on Dec 15, 2014 - it was worth a new look and a little extra sauce - enjoy!


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