Friday, December 11, 2020

Feedback Friday

It has been a long time since we have specifically written a blog post asking for feedback from those who read what is written here.  So I'll start with the request.

If you have a specific idea you want me to pursue or topic you want me to cover - ask a question or make a suggestion!  And we'll go from there.

Also, if there has been something specific you have enjoyed in this blog - it doesn't matter what it was or how you frame it - give us a quick response in comments if you are able to do so.  Otherwise, other communication methods are fine!  If there is something you would like to see more of... don't worry about 'less of' something - you can control that by encouraging more of what you like! 

 Why am I asking?

The selfish reason?  Well, I may be a 'quiet person' but I do still need some interaction with others.  The isolation that comes from trying to keep others safe and prevent our health care workers from being overwhelmed impacts us all in one way or another.  And, yes, I appreciate periodic validation that what I am doing is worthwhile for someone other than myself.

But, as is usually the case, those reasons aren't enough for me to actually act on them.

The rest of the reason?  We still have some difficult weeks and months ahead where we need to continue to do things differently than we wish - simply because we care for each other.  I intend to continue to offer the gift of very regular blogs through the winter months.  It is my offering to you because it is something I CAN do that just might make a small difference in the lives of some few other people (and maybe a cat or two... though they don't like it when you catch them reading).

I could use a little help with topics, questions to answer, and ideas.  So, while I very rarely push for response from people when I ask for feedback - I'd really like some now to add fuel so I can keep this fire going.

Background to help you help me

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to talk to one of Dr. Wen's classes at UNI.  As a result of that conversation, they sent questions to me that I ended up answering in the form of blogs.  Actually - it led to five of them - of which this is the first.  I enjoyed that process very much and I think some of them liked the chance to ask directly and be answered!  

I've also had people ask questions of the critters on the farm.  Someone wanted to know what the roles of the Outdoor Farm Supervisors (cats) were and it led to this post (among others).  And, the Inspector will still answer questions - as long as I skritch him.  So, ask Inspector.  Ask Soup.  Ask Bree or Hobnob.  Ask the hens!  Ask Stu the rooster.  Ask Crazy Maurice, the weeping willow (though he is a little sleepy now).  You can even try to ask the turkeys.... but they won't answer for a while.

What's Been on the Blog Recently

I try to keep some variety on the blog because not everyone likes the same thing.. including me.  And, frankly, some are harder to write than others.  And, crazily enough, what is hard to write and what is easy actually changes from week to week.  I guess I'm moody or something.

In the past two plus months (Oct - Dec) we have had the following distribution of content:

  • Genuine Faux Farm related material - 20 posts
  • More philosophically inclined  - 13 posts
  • Nature related - 11 posts
  • Postal History Sunday - 9 posts
  • Animals & Maurice - 9 posts
  • A bit of humor - 7 posts
  • "Revived" older posts from the blog - 6 posts
  • Current event related - 5 posts
  • GFF Stories - 4 posts
  • Various entertainment (music, books, etc) - 4 posts
  • Pesticide Action Network posts - 4 posts
  • Local Food - 2 posts
  • Veggie varieties or types - 2 posts
  • Organic ag - 2 posts
  • Weather - 1 post (can you believe that?!?)

So, Let's Hear You!

Ask a question of me.  Ask a question of one of the denizens at the Genuine Faux Farm.  Tell us what one of your favorite posts have been over the past year (or from whenever!) and if you'd like more of 'that.'  If you like the Postal History Sunday series, ask a question about that.  Want hints on growing a veggie?  Curious about what Rob thinks about ag policies in the state or nation?  Have questions about the number of fingers Rob has?

Be well!



  1. How do you know Maurice's name? Did he tell you?

    1. Oooo! there's a story that's worth telling! thanks for that prompt!

  2. Another good one on Facebook: I am always curious about when people discovered there was such a thing as organic produce. I never heard of it until my environmental science class at Luther. And then, how did you determine that organic farming and education was your calling? - Missy Olds Dunn

  3. And also : What do you think of your solar panels by now? Producing enough electricity for your needs? Mary Jo Rathe

  4. And another from FB! I’ve been hearing for awhile now that soil quality on a large scale is down and our food in the US has less nutrients because of it. I know you do some things like cover crops to help protect and improve your soil. Do you add any minerals to the soil in addition to those measures! Catherine Faux (and yes, we have met before!)

  5. How about reminiscing of places you’ve traveled, projects tackled, scaffolding climbed, fastballs and curveballs to your little brother, “why can’t you be more like your little brother?”, ritz crackers, hurrying home before the pop gets cold, favorite books, thoughts from the queen bee, what makes Gus a spare Gus? ...

    1. Uh huh..... Maybe I should have YOU write a post? ;) Yeah, I can make something or three out of that....

    2. Notes from the D.R.D. or notes from the Department of Redundancy Department and perhaps things that are repetitive.

  6. Why did you want to make me into a crossbrace? Why not a hinge or a doorstop?

    1. Not all things have a reason other than - it seemed appropriate at the time....

  7. All of these interesting things that may show up in the blog in the not too distant future! Sometimes it takes a while for the idea to fully take shape, but there is much here I can chew on. thank you!


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