Friday, December 18, 2020

The Little Flower That Could

It was very pleasant this year to have a solid back entry way to the farmhouse rather than the wobbly stair with the mildly difficult door.  In fact, we also had a small back deck that had enough space for us to put various potted plants, including some Gerbera Daisies and Gazinias.

The Gazinias did quite well out there and the Gerberas did 'well enough.'  They were a nice offset to the numerous houseplants we brought outside for the warmer months.

 As we brought houseplants in this Fall, we decided some of the annual flowers could make the trip as well.  Why not?  They're already in pots.  Maybe some fresh soil or fertilizer would encourage them to bloom for us when they are inside?

The experiment has had varied success, with many of the Gazinias failing (we suspect there has been some feline interference there).  But, a few of the Gerberas really liked the new soil and fertility.  

Sure enough, one of the flowers had a little bud at the base of the plant - so it came into my office so I could keep an eye on it.  By November 20, I had a full fledged bloom with more to come.  At present, the first bloom is fading - and that is sad.  But, there are three in full bloom and one more on the way.

That's a happy plant which, in turn, is making us happy.

Once again - a little thing like a flower lifts my spirits on a gloomy day and causes me to write a glowing review of its efforts.

What 'little thing' will you do today to help lift someone up?  Don't tell me.  Just do it - it's worth it.

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